Why LEGO® Bags?

A high quality backpack combined with amazing graphics of the fun and worldwide popular toy brand is hard to resist. Our Design team in Seattle creates each product with the child and LEGO play experience in mind. From the LEGO brick stitching on the back panel of the backpack to the larger zipper pulls for smaller fingers, every detail is thought through again and again. Each concept is heavily researched and tested among a group of kids and parents before going to production. The LEGO Group partnered with CGS and appointed CGS the exclusive bag designer and distributor in North America because of our high standards and high quality. CGS takes safety seriously and continues to strive to be ahead of the curve in compliance by using safe materials for our kids and our environment. 

What materials are used in LEGO® Bags?

All backpacks, lunch, storage, and accessories are made of polyester. We use CPSIA standards for our all our production. Years before CPSIA standards were in place, we were making PVC, phthalate, lead and toxin free products. We take pride in being ahead of the curve on environmental and COC standards. 

Carry Gear Solutions now offers LEGO® Bags in select styles made of CyclePET, a durable polyester fabric made from recycled plastic. Look for the CyclePET Icon. 

Do you test your materials before every new production?  YES

Does the factory you use follow social compliance standards?  YES


What types of water bottles fit best in LEGO® Bags side pockets?

We’ve traditionally scaled our water bottle pockets to fit a standard-size kid's Nalgene water bottle. Smaller Kid's Kleen Kateen bottles fit well, too.



What's the best way to clean my bag?

Dampen a cloth or soft brush with cool water and gently scrub with a bit of mild soap or diluted detergent. Hang to dry. With a little patience, your bag will be clean and bright again.


Can I clean my LEGO® Bag in the washing machine?

We advise against machine washing your bag (yes, even on delicate!) There’s simply too much potential for the seams or materials to get damaged, in which case your warranty would be voided. We've had customers report successful machine-washing on delicate or hand-wash settings, but because machines vary we strongly recommend spot clean and air dry only.



Purchase through our online store at LEGOBags.com, or to order by phone, call us at 417.459.4259 x112 from Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm CST. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us at info@LEGOBags.com.