Playful and  responsible

Each LEGO® backpack saves 8 plastic bottles from the landfill.

Every fall it’s the same scenario. Your kid wants the fun backpack. You want the one that will last into next year — and the year after that (let’s be real). Can fun and quality coexist, though? How about environmental responsibility?

We think so. That’s why we created the LEGO Bags Iconic Back-to-School Collection.

Not only are these bags built to last — they’re built with materials that help minimize your footprint on the planet.

Backpacks from recycled water bottles? How?

Yes, and lunch bags too! Watch this short video and follow the journey from bottle to bag.

The bags in this collection are:

  • Built to last — we use high-denier fabrics and heavy-duty YKK zippers
  • Quality-tested — we put our finished bags through extensive testing to make sure they meet our high standards for durability and safety
  • Environmentally conscious — each backpack uses eight recycled PET bottles, which are woven into new fabrics
  • Comfortable, safe and intuitive — we focus-group every design with real parents and children (including our own) and tweak the details until they’re just right
  • Suitable for all ages — LEGO Bags are perfect for school and the kid in you!

These backpacks and lunch bags will last well beyond the year, guaranteed.

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