Since 2007, Carry Gear Solutions has partnered with the LEGO Group to design, manufacture, and distribute quality bags.


Carry Gear was founded on innovation and exploration; we instill these values in all aspects of our business. Building on these foundations, we are always looking to improve the way we create our products, source materials, and protect the environment. We are committed to these values, as being a responsible business is simply part of who we are.


With an arsenal of both private label and branded partners in the outdoor and travel industries, Carry Gear has been delivering the highest quality and best value custom bags to the global market since 1993.


We are proud to count the LEGO Group among our partners, upholding their high quality standards and commitment to reducing impact on the environment.



We all enjoy LEGO® creation in different ways. Whether it’s the building of intricate designs, the amusement of collecting and posing minifigures, or the simple joy of connecting bricks, there’s a certain magic that keeps people of all ages coming back. We design our bags to capture all the elements of the LEGO universe—creativity, humor, even nostalgia—and engage the user in a play-like experience.


LEGO® Bags are intentionally built for comfort, functionality, and safety. They feature padded, ergonomic shoulder straps to promote better back health, as well as 360 degree reflective detailing to enhance visibility. We have perfected our designs over


the years, giving them comfortable carry handles, well-placed pockets and straps, and a smart buckle system for connecting backpacks and lunch bags.


LEGO® Bags are made using materials from post-consumer water bottles and FSC certified packaging. Whenever possible, we choose materials that are both durable and easy on the planet.


For school, work, home or travel, there is a bag for every builder. Play has no age limit and neither do LEGO® Bags.


Stay young. Have fun. Be awesome!



Padded Straps

Padded ergonomic shoulder straps to promote better back health


360 degree reflective detailing to enhance visibility

Smart Buckle

Smart buckle system to connect lunch bags to your backpack



We need bags to help transport and organize our daily lives at school, work, and everywhere in between. Like any product, making them requires natural resources—there’s no getting around that. But there are ways to consume less while making a positive impact.


Carry Gear Solutions supports the LEGO Group in their Planet Promise to build a cleaner, greener world. In 2016, we introduced recycled PET fabric into the LEGO® Bags assortment. Using recycled instead of virgin polyester reduces energy use by 50 percent, water use by 20 percent, and air


pollution by 60 percent. Each LEGO® backpack saves about 11 bottles from the landfill.


In 2017, we turned more than 1.5 million post-consumer plastic bottles into bags. In 2018, we’ll have saved more than 3 million bottles and counting, with 99 percent of our bags using recycled fabric. Whenever possible, we use eco-friendly, post-consumer recycled materials to build our bags.


Check out the bottle icon to see how many bottles each product saves.