LEGO® 4-Piece Organizer Tote and Playmat

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Your Feet Will Thank You!
by Tove Maren on 11/30/2017
It's no secret that stepping on a wayward LEGO is part torture and part initiation into parenthood.

Now, with this awesome storage bin carrier, which unzips and becomes a play mat, you no longer have to walk around in fear of stepping on LEGO.

Every brick is easily contained either on the play mat, or in one of the three colorful bins.

The clear plastic lids allow you to see the content - and it looks so festive and decorative when the bins are full of the same color or size bricks.

The best 5 minutes of any parent's life is when the LEGO are sorted and removed from the floor. Now with these bins, everything will remain sorted for longer than 5 minutes.
This is a parenting must-have!

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4-Piece Organizer Tote and Play Mat

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A large toy hauler that converts to a playmat.

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